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Certified Professional Coaching

Virtual Coaching with Kerri Stenson

Do you feel lost and confused, like you lack clarity and no matter what you have tried you just can’t seem to make changes?


If you are a Social Worker who finds yourself thinking:

  • I have no energy

  • I'm so tired

  • I can't do this any more

You may be on the road to burnout.


Maybe your feeling:

  • hopeless

  • helpless 

  • unmotivated 

  • lost and alone at work


You seem to always be going the extra mile trying to please everyone and are finding it hard to say no to others who ask for help. Coaching can help.



With Coaching you can..

  • Learn to move from burnout to re-energized by prioritizing & removing obstacles

  • Algin with your inner purpose & goals to make sustainable changes

  • Optimize your wellbeing by creating work – life balance

  • Experience job satisfaction by connecting with your joy, purpose, and compassion

  • Start taking control of your experience so you can start to heal and move forward

Exhaustion Escape Plan

The Exhaustion Escape Plan is a FREE one to one coaching session with Kerri.


This session is for social workers who are experiencing workplace stress and burnout and who are looking to see if coaching services are a good fit for them.

Energy Leadership Index Assessment

Created by iPEC, this one of a kind assessment identifies your default behaviours when it comes to helping yourself and others. 

You'll learn about how your current values, beliefs, attitudes and perceptions are working for or against you and how you can make changes to increase your energy and reduce your stress.

Included a 10-page report and 90-minute debrief.


Individual Coaching Session

This structured coaching program is designed to help you examine who you ideally want to be from the perspective of increasing your wellbeing.


You'll leave with a personalized formula for your wellbeing that will support you to better manage your stress, increase your energy, improve your confidence and master your life.


This program is perfect if you are experiencing decision-fatigue.  

Free 20 minute Initial Phone Consultation

This is a free 20 minute meeting for new clients where you can touch base with your practitioner before starting your wellness journey.


This is a great time to find out a little more about the process and who you will be working with. It is a place where you can get questions answered about billing, scheduling, how Jane (our booking system) works, and much more.

Connection Session: Start Where YOU are

This is a one time 60 minute minute session for social workers who are feeling overwhelmed, lost and confused. 

During our time together you'll get the chance to releasing some of the pent up negative energy that you've been holding on to. If you feel ready, we will identify some of your key energy drains and together explore ways to successfully shift your energy, providing hope that things can be better and place to start from.


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