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It could be that you’ve been thinking about trying to get pregnant and you are having worries and concerns about what this may look like for you. You want to make an informed decision that covers all the bases and leaves you feeling confident that you made the right decision.
Maybe you’ve been trying to get pregnant for some time, but it’s not happening for you. It seems like everyone else is getting pregnant so easily and it just doesn’t seem fair that it is such a struggle for you. You want to be excited for others but with each new announcement it’s harder and harder to hold back the sadness.
Possibly you are finding your pregnancy isn’t going the way you had imagined it; you were so excited to get pregnant but now you’re feeling guilty because aren’t really enjoying pregnancy. You might be feeling anxious and low, and you hadn’t anticipated all the uncomfortable changes you are going through. The initial enthusiasm has worn off and now all you can seem to think about is the health of your baby.
Perhaps you’ve just gone through the rawest, most vulnerable experienced of your life and you’re feeling lost and not in control. Everyone around you is telling you how wonderful and joyful this experience should be but you feel low, exhausted, and overwhelmed, motherhood is not what you thought it was going to be. You weren’t prepared to give up everything that you’ve had to and you feel like shell of yourself, left wondering if you’ll ever get your life back.

Majority of mothers experience typical baby blues during the first few weeks after their baby is born. 1 out of 7 mothers experience serious depression or anxiety during pregnancy and postpartum. With limited access too trained professionals many mothers experiencing perinatal mental health needs suffer in silence. One if the biggest challenges to accessing help is the stigma associated with seeking help during “one of the most exciting times in your life”. Breaking down this stigma, sharing information and supporting those in need to seek help is crucial.

Getting support means you don’t have to do this alone. Together, we will navigate the highs and lows of your unique situation. When you book your first session, you’ll find that I’m a warm and caring person that you can open up to and share the difficulty of your experience. As we navigate this journey together, you will feel heard and understood. You’ll begin to understand that you are not alone in what you are going through. We’ll start to break down the unrealistic expectations some people have of motherhood and begin to build up a more realistic understanding of how your role will look for you.

After our time together, you will feel less guilt, worry, shame, sadness, and anxiety. You’ll learn to let go of the feelings of perfectionism and unrealistic expectations from yourself and others. You’ll begin to feel confident in who you are. I have supported many women who have struggled along a similar path as you.

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